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Who we are

This web site is run by Marble Brook Limited (`the Company’), a private limited company registered in England and Wales (Companies House number 10691630). Operating from 12 Hay Hill in London, the Company has registered offices at Maple House, Rookery Road, Monewden, Woodbridge, England, IP13 7DD.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions (see our Contact page).

ICO registration

We are registered with the United Kingdom Information Commissioner’s Office. You may view our ICO registration details (opens new tab).

Website cookies

Marble Brook does not use any tracking cookies on this site. Whilst Google’s highly popular Universal Analytics yields anonymous data to site owners, overall we remain uncomfortable with how advertisement and other forms of – mostly clandestine – tracking follow individuals on the internet.

Everyone has the right to privacy. Most of us do not understand how the tracking ecosystem works, or its implications, so cannot make informed choices. This is why we do not use this technology on our site, and why you do not see a pop-up or other request to accept cookies.

Naturally, this means that we have limited information on how people discover or use the property. Please do get in touch if you wish to give us feedback on the site structure, design or content.

The subscription form for our newsletter has a ‘necessary’ cookie so it can pass details to the third-party server that processes the information you provide. This is a technical requirement of the (standard) technology we use and does not require consent.

For anyone who is interested, we have not enabled the (usually invisible) Google reCAPTCHA check for bot sign-ups as this also exposes users to possibly unwanted tracking.

Online contact form

When you contact us via the form on our Contact page, you send your name, e-mail address and phone number along with a message. All information is held securely on encrypted systems. We shall use the information you give us to respond to your enquiry. We shall not add your details to our newsletter. We may from time to time follow up on your query.


On several pages we invite visitors to sign up for Reimagine, our monthly editorial of our work and other relevant content. We explore the big questions facing today’s businesses alongside practical strategies for aligning work with society’s demands. Whilst the e-mails showcase our expertise, the newsletter is not a sales vehicle. We may occasionally invite readers to complete a survey or highlight how our work supports an idea.

We use a service called EmailOctopus to collect your e-mail address and to send out the messages via Amazon’s Simple E-mail Service (SES). We will not sell or give your e-mail address to a third party. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the link included in every e-mail. You may also ask us to take you off the list and delete any data related to you.

Amazon SES gathers anonymous statistics on e-mail opens, bounces, etc. It is less intrusive than other platforms for bulk e-mail distribution.

GDPR Article 17

Article 17 of the GDPR standard sets out a right to erasure, popularly known as the ‘right to be forgotten’. You may contact us at any time to ask that we remove your data from e-mail or other systems.

Rights and distribution

Unless stated otherwise, rights to all content on this web site are owned by the Company and may not be re-distributed without express and prior permission.

You may link to any page. However, at our discretion we may demand that links be removed where we believe the association to be harmful to the interests of the Company and / or its associates or clients.

Image credits

Home – Paul van Cotthem
The Challenge – Jo van de Kerkhove
Our Value – Vivaan Trivedii
Tactics – Chad Peltola
Sustainable Business Incubator – George Tsapakis
Thinking – Silas Baisch
Experience – Medena Rosa
Contact – Peter Aschoff
Testimonials – Anthony Rampersad
The Reimagine Breakfast – James Wainscoat

All images taken from the Unsplash library

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